Why OCS?

Office Compounding Solutions provides your practice with the tools necessary to make and dispense topical medications in your own office.

Keeping this service in-house not only more compliant and convenient for your patients, but it also keeps revenue inside your practice that would normally be sent elsewhere.


Patients leave the office with medications in their hand. No frustrating pharmacy calls or visits.


Benefits of In-Office Dispensing

Ancillary Revenue

In-Office Compounding and Dispensing generates consistent practice revenues


Physician Dispensing increases patient compliance and improves outcomes

Request A Demo

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Facility Requirements

The Facility Requirements for In-Office Compounding and Dispensing are minimal. Most practices can be setup for compounding in less than one hour. Our implementation specialists will setup the Compounding Area and ensure compliance requirements are met prior to dispensing.

Pharmacist Recommended Formulations

(561) 463-8102

Working closely with an experienced pharmacist, OCS developed standard formulations that are simple to make and provide effective pain relief. We also assist in the development of custom formulations if desired. 


Compliance Hotline

Office Compounding Solutions has established a toll-free telephone number for the reporting of compliance concerns. Employees, customers, customer's patients, and other stakeholders are encouraged to report any known or suspected compliance concerns. All reports to the Compliance Hotline are confidential and you may choose to remain anonymous.  OCS will investigate and follow up on all Compliance Hotline reports. OCS prohibits retaliation against anyone who makes a good faith report of a suspected compliance or legal concern.

To Submit a Report:

  • Call:    (888) 538-5362
  • Email: compliance@officecompounding.com
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